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Talentsoft announces its new innovations


Talentsoft is Reinventing the Employee Experience

During Talentsoft’s annual user conference, the company presented its latest round of innovations designed to transform the way people work.

As economies improve and labour markets grow more competitive, businesses around the globe are finding that an engaged workforce is the most competitive advantage. A positive employee experience encourages greater engagement, higher productivity, and more innovation – essential elements for every business. In light of this, Talentsoft has doubled down on its efforts to create innovative tools that are not only intuitive, but enable HR to provide an optimal employee experience that is aligned with their organisation’s business strategy.

During Talentsoft’s annual user conference, Club Talentsoft, held in Amsterdam on June 12-13th, the company presented a wide range of tools dedicated to reinventing the employee experience. These tools include: flexible performance appraisals, enriched, on-demand training programs, and analytics-driven core HR software.

Flexible Performance Appraisals: the OKR methodology

Annual appraisals have been a long-standing part of work life, but their use has been frequently called into question during the past few years. Many companies have rejected one-time annual reviews in favour of flexible, continuous feedback programs that ensure employees and their managers engage in regular dialogues about both performance and personal development. “Businesses adjust their plans every few months, so what’s the point of chaining an employee to annual objectives that will invariably lose their relevance?” asks Alexandre Pachulski, Talentsoft co-founder and Chief Product Officer, “Employees are better contributors to the business, and enjoy their work more, when they are able to quickly change their goals as business needs change.

Talentsoft has redesigned its platform to be more flexible than ever, and has also included performance monitoring dashboards that are based on the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology. Feedback is more data driven for managers, and more actionable for employees. Using the new Talentsoft performance dashboard – that completes the social feedback and 360° appraisal features already available – employees and managers can engage in continuous conversations that address their needs and realign their goals based on changing business objectives.

Freedom and flexibility are key drivers in a positive employee experience, and we’ve built our tools to support that. Thanks to regular objective monitoring, employees can know exactly how they are doing, adjust their goals based on business needs, and receive useful feedback from their managers and co-workers every step of the way. This allows them to feel more motivated, which in turn boosts their performance,” Pachulski says.

HR is able to harness the real-time insights Talentsoft provides by assessing performance and guiding managers to give feedback and adjust goals where needed, the result of which is improved employee development and better performance.

On-Demand Training for True Employee Autonomy

Workforce needs shift on a daily basis, and no one knows what training programs are needed at a given time better than the employees themselves. With Talentsoft’s redesigned training catalogue and LMS mobile application, employees can request and view whatever training they need, whenever and wherever they need it. Employees no longer have to go through an extended approval cycle. They can simply log in and access the training courses they feel are most relevant to their needs.

As consumers we’ve become accustomed to using peer reviews and recommendations to guide our consumption,” says Jerome Bruet, VP Learning at Talentsoft, “and we’re applying the same approach to employee training, including on mobile.

Similar to on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube, the Talentsoft training catalogue push content that matches employee needs and areas of interest. At the same time, it will help managers and HR leaders to identify trends and anticipate future training needs. “We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to mix in-person training, virtual classrooms, and e-learning modules, but our new efforts to support on-demand mobile training, both on and offline, will provide employees with an unprecedented level of autonomy in their work. We’ve very excited to see how our customers leverage these new tools to create even better experiences for their employees,” Bruet added.


Making Data the Heart of HR

While improving appraisal processes and creating a culture of continuous learning are quite useful, their value can be amplified if HR has the statistical insights it needs to adjust and improve its processes. Talentsoft’s Talentsoft Hub and Core HR tools ensure HR managers are able to employ a data driven approach to ensure their initiatives achieve maximum impact and contribute to a better employee experience.

Core HR is often viewed as an exclusively administrative tool, but it’s much more than that,” says Laure Pourageaud, Talentsoft’s Chief People Experience Officer, “We’ve been using the insights Core HR and Talentsoft Hub provide to create a fuller view of the employee journey, and use data to make more informed decisions. This software has been much more than administrative, it has been an invaluable data resource for designing a better working experience for our employees.

In addition to providing useful data to HR, Talentsoft Hub helps to streamline the overall employee experience. Comprehensive file management, onboarding, contract reviews, and more are available to all employees at the click of a mouse. According to Pourageaud, “Reducing excessive red tape allows our employees to save a lot of time and reinvest it in pursuing the more interesting parts of their jobs. Furthermore, the automation and insights we enjoy on the HR side ensure we can provide unique experiences to each of our employees.

Talentsoft Hub was launched in January 2017 and has already been enriched with a large number of new features for comprehensive employee file management – from onboarding and medical check-ups, to drawing up employment contracts, and managing e-signatures thanks to natively integrated tools from Connective.

Talentsoft also announced that it is creating a new mobile app to improve collaboration amongst employees, with one of the major features being a business chatbot that will allow for useful discussions based on relevant business elements. More details will be released in the coming months.